Paul Schackman’s Actor’s Instinct is in West Los Angeles/Santa Monica.

Due to Covid-19 all classes and coaching are via zoom until further notice
  • Technique Class is Tuesday nights from 7:30-10.
  • Scene Study is Wednesday Nights from 7:30-10.
  • Everyone works in small, ongoing classes.


  • Classes are $250/month
  • Private Coaching is $150/hour

For general questions and auditing:

The audition is the job.  As our industry and the world has changed, this has never been more true.  Most auditions are self taped.  Do you have a way to make your self taped auditions look and sound good? Great, but if you can’t do the work you’ve wasted your money.  If you’re lucky you’ll have more than 24 hours to prep.  Often though it’s the next day.  Do you have a process to bring your work to life?  How does your work stand out?  Will that process be there for you if you get hired.  These are the tools I give you in my classes and with my coaching.  Not just how to act, but how to prepare for an audition and to show up on set with confidence.

Today, I see acting teachers exploiting the insecurity of young actors and taking their hard earned dollars under the guise of sharing some secret process all the stars use.  It makes me sad and angry.  Beware of gurus.

As in any art form, there is no right way.  Anyone who tells you that will take more than your money.  There is however a wrong way.  Any way that doesn’t get you to where you need to be is the wrong way.  Overwhelmingly, most great actors have trained, and they have trained hard.  Most can’t put a finger on how they get from point A to point B.  They may be able to talk about how they prepare, but once the curtain goes up or the director yells action they are no longer thinking about how to do it.  The great ones let go and become awash in imagination, emotion and instinct.

This is what I teach.  How to let go.  How to trust your training and your talent.  How to truthfully take responsibility for every line, and every moment between them.